Yiquan and meditation

The Dachengquan is not only a way of boxing. Its practice is also based on spiritual exercices (the word spiritual is to be taken here with the meaning "of the spirit", yiquan is no religious sect)

The late master Wang xuanjie was explaining this aspect of the yiquan in those words : "Chan quan bu er" : Meditation and boxing are one !

Wang xuanjie in a jijizhuang

In her book « Dachengquan shiyong xueshuo » (pragmatic theory of dachengquan), Madam Mi jingke (disciple of Wang xiangzhai) gives us a few indications on the use of the spirit and intention while the standing posture :

« During the practice, whatever closed or open eyes, it is imperative to " concentrate your spirit and fix your intention ", it is the only condition on which your practice will give results.
Wang xiangzhai, in his « dachengquan treatise » (Dachengquanlun) says about the force :

" Everything I did learn in about fourty years of practice bring me to the idea that all the different forms of force are coming from the extension of "the original chaos" (hunyuan) joined up with the way of nourrishing the vital principle by the method of "forgetting yourself" and can only be produced this way."

Mi jingke, Wang xiangzhai's disciple, at the age of 95.

If, during the practice of the different stances of zhanzhuang, you can't reach the quietness (jing) by the concentration of the spirit (meditation), if you can't reach the level of " forgetting yourself ", is it really possible to liberate yourself from your conditioned reflex ?
That is the reason why some people can't manage to developp any force by their training. The key is to concentrate the spirit and fix the intention, that is the most important part in the basics of the training..."

Mi jingke practicing chan meditation

"...Man needs to train by fixing his look far, to the horizon, up to the moment when he reaches to "look without seeying". At this moment, he will understand that he needs no more method, just to concentrate his spirit. »
In another chapter of her book, Mi jingke talks about the influence of the Chan buddhism in the Dachengquan. She is, then, talking about "the unified-body contemplation" (zhengti guan) which has to be practice until the level of forgetting yourself...

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